Explore the unexplored cycling routes in your city!

There's a lot to explore once you are on the way... explore new routes and challenge other cyclists to it!

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Welcome to TREK

an app that reconnects you to your love for cycling in a fun-filled manner!

The app captures your start point and traces your cycling route until the finish point. Once you mark your finish point, you are designated as the KING of that route – until someone challenges you! You can challenge other cyclists too and complete their route before their time.

Our Great Features

Everything you need to know about one App. Forever. For free.

Create your own routes

Explore new routes and mark yourself as the king of that route. The route creator must be on a bicycle.

Challenge the routes created by other bicycle riders

If you challenge the route created by another rider, you must complete the exact same route in less time than the KING of that route.

Gather maximum 'wins'

Challenge as many routes and add more and more wins to your account.

Remember the rules!

Click a picture at the start and finish point. Travel a minimum distance of 0.5KM. Max speed limit is 40KM/Hr.

GPS enabled

You can see your track and your complete route on a map too!

iPhone and Android compatible

Trek is available for download on your iPhone or iPad or Android!

Begin your ride to victory today! Be the King of all routes! TREK could also lead you to a happy and healthy life. Also, challenging others and accepting challenges puts you in great spirits – especially when you win! So, take those wheels out on the road – put on your helmets – and begin – today!

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